We see that many companies are not aware of the existing contracts in their company and don’t have any visibility in the KPI’s and conditions. All agreements and quotations can be registered and signed digitally using our platform. The technical contracts will enable your business to run supplier evaluations and extend of terminate contracts in a timely manner. Using our contracting tool, you can easily share with your business and increase contract compliance

Reaching an agreement with your suppliers

Reaching an agreement with your suppliers is the first step in the process of purchasing of goods & services. For your business to have access to these suppliers and negotiated prices, terms & conditions. A supplier base is crucial to have a single view of your vendors and the opportunity to guaranty business continuity.

goods and services 

Once the goods and services have been delivered and received, an invoice will be send for processing and payment. Looking at the evolution of invoices, we see that many formats have been adopted by businesses to create and process invoices.

product & services

Providing easy access to negotiated product & services catalog to your business to achieve the negotiated savings and create efficiency. P2I offers a one-stop shop catalog solution, that brings the negotiated products & services to your end users in an easy to use ordering system. We enable your business to have a connection with your contracts and a base for en effective invoice matching process.

Insight in your business financials and spend

Insight in your business financials and spend is crucial to drive important decisions and develop strategies to increase profitability. Our real-time spend tools and integrated BI tool, provides an accurate and instant view of your recent view, fully integrated and customisable to meet your needs.


P2I has a full digital way of processing invoices from all format types. We make sure that the creation, matching and validating invoices can be done automatically. All to secure a quick & save payment and booking of the costs.

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