Een digitaal ecosysteem platform om vraag en aanbod digitaal met elkaar te verbinden, omzet te verhogen en kosten te reduceren

Verbinding, samenwerking,  collectiviteit & corporatie

We hebben het beste technologie, best practices en best in class gecombineerd in één digitaal platform om u een efficiënte winstgevendheid te bieden.

How we create a social & economic impact!

Keeping track of everything that’s happening in your business is easy with Budget2Pay


One-Stop Shop for all your products and services. Sign your business contracts, execute transactions and payment in one platform.


Sales and Procurement have never been seamlessly connected in this way.A complete End2End process for Ecosystems to manage supply & demand, facilitate buyers & sellers, coordinate warehouses & wholesalers.


Engagement, collaboration and connection is key to achieve an outstanding user experience that brings value, encourages power of synergies and eliminates the errors and delays in the process and increase in return of investment.


The B2P App increases the user experiences and allows operational excellence to take place. It gives the end users the ability to increase efficiency,  just in time delivery of your products and services, up-to-date inventory and on-time supplier  payments.

Budget2Pay is part of ePROCURE Consulting, a consultancy company founded in 2011
With years of best practices in procurement, purchase2pay, managing procurement, and business transformations and implementation of procurement tools.
We have extensive experience in different industries from a global perspective. We have developed tools to support local businesses and generate business synergies by enabling digital transformation opportunities for local businesses to support their growth ambitions.
Our personal goal is to make a social impact through the 4 C’s (Connection, Collaboration, Collectiveness, and Corporation) to help local economies grow and achieve a fair trade model locally on a global scale.

Are you ready for more productive business!

“Through our cognition-based coaching and consulting approach, we facilitate your business growth from small to mid-size, from mid-size to global, or from crisis to success.
Cool features developed for your needs

Keeping track of everything that’s happening in your business is easy with Budget2Pay

Budget Control

Financial overview of spend and budgets, cab help your business to drive efficiency and const effectiveness. A structured insight in category spend will help your business identify the right sourcing potentials and maverick spend.

Digital Contract

By singing contracts digitally, your business contributes to the environment and speed on the business opportunities. The contracts are online available antytime anywhere.

eCommerce Portal

In the e-commerce supplier portal, we enable providers of goods & services to better with their clients by having a ready to go platform to sign contracts, manage orders & shipments and generate invoices automatically and real time visibility in revenue streams per client.


Our Smart buy platform offers you the ease of ordering goods & services in a one-stop shop catalog solution. The marketplace solution is a good way to bring supply & demand together.​

Inventory Management

In the eCommerce supplier portal, providers of good & services are able to register and maintain their product lines and stock to better serve their customers.

Automated Invoicing

The automated invoice processing platform will help your business and suppliers process invoices, match with orders, receipts and contracts in a blink of an eye.

Going PaperLess is easy, smart & safe
All data is processed quickly and with higher accuracy, as it is no longer subject to human error. Save time and money by significantly reducing the amount of manual data.

Take care of all your Business & IT projects

Take care of all your Business & IT projects with Budget2Pay. We offer you a team of experts to help you manage and execute your projects within the estimated time and cost. We can be your extended team to support you to achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us!

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